Ravens RBs are Killing me!

I got Ty’son and liked what I saw week 1, and don’t mind Murry coming in, but all these other backs getting me pissed haha

Anyone think Bell or Freeman going to eat in??

This backfield will give you gas all season. I don’t see any of them emerging as someone you can rely on week to week.

I would expect the pecking order will eventually reflect a Jackson/Murray/Williams/Freeman hierarchy, much as it would have reflected a Jackson/Dobbins/Edwards/Hill hierarchy before (and a Jackson/Edwards/Dobbins/Ingram hierarchy the year before that). The names have changed, the offense hasn’t.

As much of a loser as Bell has been lately, I kind of doubt if he ever gets off the practice squad, let alone does anything of fantasy relevance in a game. And it is noteworthy that although Bell was the first RB signed when their starters began dropping, he was only signed to the practice squad.

There’s a reason that Darrel Williams–not Bell–subbed for the injured CEH in the SuperBowl (Bell had 2 carries for 6 yards), and the fact that Bell later called noted player-friendly coach Andy Reid hard to work with in the Twitterverse wasn’t a good team player look for him, either. Between the 'tude and the degraded talent, I can’t see Bell being a factor in the NFL again.

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I don’t disagree with this other than to say Williams had already passed Hill on the depth chart prior to Dobbins and Gus getting hurt.

I don’t know that depth charts are really official until the 53 man roster is determined, but they weren’t really in direct competition. Hill was the pass-catching back, while Williams is more of a ball carrier, backing up the Dobbins/Edwards role. That’s why they signed Trenton Cannon, to fill that Hill role–but he sucked and they cut him again once they had Freeman, who catches pretty well too, so then Cannon was free to go from the East Coast RB Black Hole to the West Coast RB Black Hole, but I digress…

Isn’t it starting to seem like being a RB for the Ravens or the 49ers is the football equivalent of beaming down in a red shirt on Star Trek?

I agree on the Star Trek reference. I own both Mitchell and Williams in various places. I even started Williams a couple of times last week and he won me a game or two after Rodgers bombed.

I feel these guys right now are still mostly wait and see/watch more than start but I’m glad to have them. A week before SF bye I will probably try to add Jeff Wilson on the cheap and go from there.