Ravens run stuffing defensive player

Holy cow. 1 pass and I am all set. Points for the catch, the yards, TD, and the long reception and long TD bonuses kick in! I’ll take the 18 points!!!

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I want to be happy for you. But I’m playing against Tyreek :joy::rofl:

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I would run Singletary out there vs Miami rather than Hyde vs Indy. Carson is a must start because of volume.


@SLiM1647 @Gramercy_Riffs @JPlum_3 Singletary is NOT on the final injury report! Looking like h see e will start! So I have 2 votes to Hyde and 1 for Singletary. Great dilemma to have! :joy::rofl:

@falcones404 figured I’d ask your opinion as well.

Latavius is on waivers, he could be an interesting pickup for either Sanders or the SF dst… But then do what, play him over either Hyde or Singletary? IDK TBH…

Thanks for your feedback guys! Here are some beers for you! I am drinking mine now! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


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Latavius has seen some action all year, and they’ve probably been preparing for this. But Singletary’s potential, fully healthy with the matchup. That’s nice

NO plays CHI. They kind of got exposed and they get Trubiski back I think. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. Some people think Montgomery is due. If CHI gets up and holds the ball Latavius could get neutered.

Just speculation for your internal debate

***downs beer in one man sized gulp

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