RB 1 has to sit

Standard leagues. Working two angles here and it’s gonna be a helluva decision. The guy I play is a beast and I gotta swing for the fences. I gotta sit one of the top RBs. Here it goes.
M. Gordon @ Jets
L.Bell @ Houston
L. McCoy @ New England
E. Elliot (home) vs Seattle.
One of these guys has to ride the bench. Who sits out. I picked up Zeek cause the owner let him go with the suspension. I picked him up and sat on him. I wanna stick him in but where.
Thanks for the thoughts!!! Good luck to all the Champs.

Nice pickup - and its a good decision you have to make. That said, I think you easily play Elliot and Bell. Between Gordon and McCoy, that’s tough. Gordon is pretty consistent and plays the Jets so he will have a solid game and McCoy has been getting hot at the right time. McCoy had over 100 total yards last time vs. NE and the Jets just gave up big games to Ingram and Kamara. If you average out the last 4 games, McCoy has averaged (in .5 PPR) 16.6 versus Gordons 15.9. I don’t know any other way you can make that decision…its tough. Good luck!

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Bell and Zeke are no brainer picks…
Gordon and McCoy are very close this week…
I prefer McCoy against Patriots defense

Gordon vs Patriots … 14/132/1
McCoy vs Jets … wk1 22/110 wk9 12/25

Same advice …

I’d go Bell and Zeke forsure

And yes McCoy and Melvin are very close.

I’d go Melvin this week as akler is out and while he didn’t eat into a bunch of targets he did eat into some and with no Hunter Henry I think Melvin gets involved in the passing somemore.

But either way I think your solid

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