RB 2 Help 0.5PPR

Need help picking between the 4 following RBs

Tevin Coleman
TJ Yeldon
Derek Henry
Peyton Barber

Any help/advice/thoughts is always appreciated.

if freeman is out, go Tevin
if fourtnette is out, go TJ
if both play, go Barber
if both are out, go TJ based on matchup

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was literally typing this all out in paragraph form. if fournette isnt cleared to play its yeldon all day long. henry is kind of a bust especially if mariota is hurt

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You think that barber has the best floor over Henry though?

It will have to be a day of decision, but its just messing with my head already haha

Lewis outtouched Henry against the dolphins. Henry isnt the one to own in tennesse unfortunately

The goal line touches will be his and with Mariota not fully healthy I think that he will be needed to pound the run game in between the tackles this week. I could be wrong and I by no means like the fact that he is on my team haaha

i do just because he has no compeition outside of jacquizz who will only be relevant if barber is hurt. like henry as a player, just not in fantasy until he has no (real) competition in the backfield.