RB 2: Kareem or Dobbins

With Gibson very unlikely to play, I am left with RoJo and one of these two who play eachother Monday night. Dobbins looks really good but does the RBBC hurt him too much to start him over kareems upside? Kareems involvement has seem to go down drastically since chubb has returned.


Tough one. I have Chubb and Hunt. Will be forced to play Hunt if Jacobs can’t play.

I feel the Browns will need to leverage both against the Ravens with balanced run/pass game. I think Hunt will get 8-10 in half PPR with upside if he gets in the end zone.

Still using 3 RBs in Baltimore so less confident. Garrett and Browns D aren’t bad. Lamar is the best runner too! He may still get 8-10 with upside for a TD.

I’d go Hunt but think it’s a toss up. Good luck!

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Yea luckily they both play Monday so maybe it wont matter by then by either im down so much or im up. But yea because of the 4 runnning options in Baltimore I think Hunt has the better upside, Ravens defense also isnt super impressive. Thanks for the help, good luck with your matchup!