RB 2 question

In a 12 team keeper with Kareem Hunt as my 3rd rounder. Please rank these anticipated backs as being available as an RB#2:

Royce Freeman

Thanks everyone!

I think Mixon is going to have a breakout year.

I’m not that high on McKinnon.

I love Royce’s talent, but his situation holds me back from an endorsement. IT seems likelier than not that he will take time to develop into a high-level fantasy producer.

Mixon it is.

Mixon > Freeman >>>>> McKinnon.

Thank you. And I agree. Haven’t declared draft order yet but playing out scenarios for this weekend’s draft. Lot of people high on Mixon and hoping he falls, just concerned that McKinnon, Henry, Ajayi, Freeman and McCoy will be the best RB2’s remaining based on the keeper list I received today.

Appreciate it.

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<--------- not a mixon fan


royce has grown on me. he is a solid back in a solid system for what he does. he is looking at having the larger share of the backs there and could reach as high as 300 touches on the year between rushing and receptions. i have him more around 275 total but thats a damn good mark to hit.

McKinnon is all system. im not a believer in his talent, but i am a believer in the system he is in. there are still plenty of obsticals to overcome for him. between injury, other backs, a so so team… but if he gets the touches that he COULD get, he will be valuable. i have him around 230 total touches at his peak, with 60-70 of those being receptions. i just dont fully expect that so im not going to draft him for that

mixon is the oposite of McKinnon. all the talent in the world, crap system. i will take a player in a good system over a good player in a bad system damn near every time. its just going to happen again. they are going to misuse him, he will produce big and get people excited, and then they will misuse him again. ill believe in mixon when either marv finally leaves, or when mixon leaves. i do think he will be better than last year because the offense as a whole should get more opportunities. but thats the only reason i think his role increases.

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I think it’s more likely that Mixon is the RB1 than that McKinnon out produces him (barring injury).

I don’t think it’s fair to call Cincy’s system a “crap system” when the current OC bill Lazor was handed the keys two or three weeks in last year.

But even though he didn’t have an entire offseason to install his own offense last year, there was a marked improvement in their production immediately after he took over.

With an entire offseason to get his system in, I think Lazor can get more out of all that talent that Mixon possesses.

Not to mention that there’s plenty of history of having a productive running game under Lewis.

when i say crap system, i dont mean that no one will produce. what i mean, is for mixon. do you know what games lazor took over for? i really dont know. cause that is an interesting point. if it was end of season that he took over for, then im not enthused by it. joe mixon had 21 carries in the last 2 weeks. 3 one game, 18 the other. which fits into my thoughts on him. he will produce, and then get woefully unused. cause i do expect an increase in offense, because they were historically bad last year. but that doesnt mean to me that they will go from worst to first like the rams did.

@DFWB sure, there is history of productive running game. there is also a lot of history of unproductive running games, with maddening RB usage. like a mini patriot run game. just not as bad.

@BusterD Mixon suffered an ankle injury in week 16. That’s why he only had 5 touches, he left the game.

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I think that’s largely having a mediocre stable of backs for the last few years. But even then, both guys were usable (if uninspiring) for most of those years. Mixon is obviously an entirely different animal, from a talent perspective.

ahh i forgot about that. i knew he was held out a few games but i forgot he got hurt in that game too.

@DFWB then why was he used so up and down last year? if he is so much better, why wasnt he used that way? because thats not how they do things. they will, from game to game they will feed him like they should. but then they also wont. i get it, hates rookies and all that but its also in their system. i know its maddening not using your best players as much as you can, but they have done it. and will keep doing it. im not saying that there is zero chance that they give him the work he should get but if im a betting man, im not putting my money on it.

Lewis has never played rookies consistently.

i know… i brought that up lol.

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I think McKinnon still has good value… even more so with the minor tweak hurting his hype train. I’m weary of Mixon but can’t deny the opportunity. Freeman reminds me of Mixon last year, hyped but might not get the workload he needs to later, making your early season hurt.

Mixon / McKinnon / Freeman but it is not a firm list. There are many reasons that any could boom or bust. I feel Mixon has the best chance for a 3 down role with minimal time share of he shows his full skills. Freeman could as well, but not sure how long they cling to Booker or how well that offense will work. McKinnon I see with the upside of McCaffrey for usage and in PPR that would be sweet.