RB 2 start one

K barner (patriots RB for Sony Michel)
K drake
C clement

Start one

It’s gross I know I have Sony and Gordon

Barner and drake. Barner and drake are splitting between another back. Clement is sharing with 2 others.

Some would say clement over Barner considering his role isn’t solidified but I don’t like eagles matchup.

Just need to start one of them

I would go Drake. Clement and Barner are splitting time just like Drake, but I think Drake is the most talented, and has the clearest role, even if it isn’t the role you want.

I am also a Sony and Drake owner, so i feel your pain lol.

That being said, Drake certainly as your 1 (so gross, but i’m doing the same thing) because the coach came out and said that due to lack of WR depth, he’s going to be running more routes. Which could turn into a garbage time TD or something at the very least.

Second, i’d hate to say it but i’d probably say Barner. You know he’s going to get the work, with White primarily handling the pass catching stuff.

Barner > Clement just because clement hasn’t really done much at all this season. phillys struggling to run the ball

Drake will probably have the highest ceiling and highest bust potential but you got to go with drake.

This is true drake prolly has more upside than barner, I was thinking because they are playing Buffalo that pats will be up and just use barner to burn the clock

On Kenjon Barner, would you flex him or fuller in a standard league?

Will fuller? Is coutee still out? If so prolly fuller I’d also check to see how Watson is doing the lung issue may have gotten worse?

I would say fuller has higher upside, but the pats are always ridiculous with game planning I could 100% see bill being like we got a new RB for this game against a shit team let’s just run him down the throat and save our other guys some juice for this week - 'this is why I was torn between starting him

Coutee is out which boosts fuller a ton.
but yeah same idea for barner.

for yours though i think barner. I see houston being up on the dolphins and them throwing the ball a lot more.
NE is gunna thrash the bills. and yeah white may take a back seat like you said to avoid injury

Agreed- dolphins got no receivers tho stills and Wilson out - drake had pass catching ability houstons defense is potent tho as well barner might be a safer floor guy

yeah exactly.
for rushing he actually had the same ypc as white last week and had only 1 less carry. (granted white had 8 targets too) and that was against the bears.

Also drake is gunna have to gain yards through JJ. just saying. not an easy task

After watching the usage from drake the first half I fucked up by not starting him, but I think barner will still have a good game on Monday

I agree. Barner will be fine. Bc he’s the most expendable player on the team.