RB 2 upside options

Hey everyone, so Which of the following Rb’s would have more of a big play upside for this weekend? Sanders, Singletary, or Thompson?
It’s standard scoring, definitely leaning more towards sanders against ATL. My RB1 is CMC and definitely need someone to make up for last night.

Thanks in Advance!!

Tough call here, probably Sanders as he could break one long run and have a great night. Don’t like the RBC but talent is there. Also they will be on National TV Sunday night:)

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It’s seriously tough! Wasn’t expecting cmc to get shut out like that from the game plan last night. Definitely feel like sanders has the potential to break something big. He was one hold away last week from it happening!

Strictly upside in standard scoring your answer is Sanders.
ATL should be vulnerable to the rush, Sanders is the best back on the team, and you loosing passing work to Sproles means less important. All you need him to do is fall into the endzone once and even 10 carries should get it done

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