Rb advice needed please-----

2 points per catch and 1 point per rush- i thought about starting d martin over m gordon this week-my opponent is starting ekler in an attempt to handcuff me-im afraid that gordon will get fazed out-he looks terrible-he cant seem to get anything going-is this a dumb move on my part? all thoughts much appreciated-----

not so much worried about touchdowns-i need yards and carries-

any thoughts on this?

C mon peeps give me your thoughts on this please.

My thoughts? That’s a silly scoring system LOL…but seriously in that system just off the top of my head I would go Martin…He’s the obvious “workhorse” and should have a good week while Gordon is seeing a split.

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Yes it’s different-I don’t trust Gordon anymore-I think Martin will run wild on Miami-Am I overthinking this since he has Ekler and Gordon just looks slow?

I have gordon and I don’t see a split. He has had good games against terrible defenses and amazing blow up games against some worse ones. Ekeler is simply a handcuff and unless gordon gets hurt he’s merely a backup. Every game gordon has a down game Ekler comes in to pass catch

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I would play Gordon over Martin 100% Martin doesn’t look good and I don’t see Ekler as a split he is not going to replicate last week.

Gotta go Gordon. Martin hasn’t impressed yet, and he’s had plenty of opportunity.
Also, scoring system is not a good one IMHO

Maybe I am overthinking it-I’m just afraid Gordon will come out and not do a thing and then Ekler will take over-if he hadn’t fumbled last week I thought he may be there starter-idk?

Not a chance. Ekler is JUST a handcuff and if he plays him I wouldn’t even be scared he’s just wasting a spot

He’s not the starter. Gordon is where their value and faith are

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Gordon had 21 touches last week in a game they lost. And he had 5 catches included in that. He isn’t struggling any worse than Martin. Play Gordon for sure.

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Thank you all for replying to my post! Much appreciated!