RB advice please

My current RBs are Powell, Hyde, Gillislee and Jordan Howard. Not a horrible group, but Powell Hyde and Gillislee are the 3 I’m mainly concerned with, especially Hyde and Gillislee. This is a standard league too btw…

Our free agency has options available like Jeremy Hill, Ty Montgomery, Burkhead, McFadden, T. Coleman, Paul Perkins, Bernard, Derrick Henry, Jonathan Williams, Joe Mixon, Sproles, Sims, Dion Lewis, Rawls just to name more notable ones.

This is an 8 person standard league…any adive on changes or tweaks to any of those guys? Thanks

I’d consider dropping your kicker and picking up your favorite of that group (I’d suggest Henry).

I would drop Gillislee right now for McFadden. Behind that line he ran for 1000+ yds and Zeke is suspended. When Zeke comes back, you can drop McFadden. Montgomery is going to start for GB and Mixon is a good stash until that RB committee situation in CIN clears itself up.

Im just worried about dropping Gillislee for McFadden until after Zekes appeal incase it gets pushed to next to next year or hes only out a couple games

Are we sure Monty is going to start? I’m not even sure how much he’s going to play. He’s dealing with a hammy and has Sickle Cell. No thanks. I’d also not drop any if your The, Gilly included, until in had a better idea of usage. Drop your kicker instead. I do agree DMC is another good option.

I just reread your original post…not 1 of the top 3 backs in CIN are taken in your league?? Pick one of them up, they’re gonna run the ball. If you have any backup TEs or QBs I’d drop them to jump on the available RBs.

My full roster is:

QB: Mariota
RB: Howard
RB: Hyde
WR: AJ Green
TE: J. Reed
K: Vinateri

Defense: Seattle

B. Powell
M. Bryant
G. Tate
W. Snead

Correct. No Bengals RBs taken…all are available

I’d drop Rivers and your kicker and pick up the 2 RBs you feel best about. One if the Cincy guys is a great option. Henry and McFadden should both also be considered.

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Personally, I would drop K for DMC now because we’ll know soon about the Zeke suspension and you can adjust later. And drop Rivers for a CIN RB and have 2 more weeks to see how that whole situation plays out. I like Mixon the best since for some reason they just don’t seem to love Hill and Gio is coming off a major injury late in the season.

Thank you all for your advice