RB and Flex...Who to start

I have a team full if pure inconsistency. Each week it seems I start the two guys who play worse and my bench had 90 points. I figured i’d reach out to the Foot Clan Fam and see if I can get your advice since my own hasn’t panned out.

Have 2 RB spots and a Flex to fill:
TJ Yeldon vs Dal
Crowell vs Ind
Hyde vs LAC
Lynch vs Oak
Cohen vs Mia
Howard vs Mia

Any insight would be very much appreciated!

Howard, Hyde, Yeldon, but honestly this is a tough one.

I’m in the same boat where my bench outscores my starters(so be cautious with my advice):

Sit Crowell - he’s hot every other week, so he’s an easy sit
Sit Cohen - you only play him if you have no other options
Start TJ Yeldon - he looks good and gets used. I don’t see how you bench him
Start Lynch - is this a revenge game against Seattle? I want in
Maybe start Howard/Hyde - Howard should be crazy good but hasn’t popped yet, ahhhh. Frustrating. Hyde gets at-least 16 carries a game but this also equals a small percentage of plays. Both are great starters but I like the other options.

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Yeldon is a must I would play Crowell against that terrible defense and go with Howard coming off the bye week