RB bench help

10 man ppr league I have

Looking to add Corey Clement but idk if I should drop any of those guys for him?

Is it a keeper? Otherwise Mckinnon is gone!

Redraft league. I dropped McKinnon already

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i like you other guys more than Clement here. Unless something happens to Ajayi i think he’s going to be frustrating and on your bench not in the lineup over anyone here

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I really, really like Clement. I think Ajayi, at best, is a time bomb. At worst, he’s a complete bust. He’s the RB equivalent of DeSean Jackson in my eyes. I think Clement can be a three down back. I agree with @James89, though. The Eagles aren’t going to bench Ajayi without any real cause, so Clement is going to warm your bench barring injury or horrid play from Ajayi. I love Sony, but I can’t trust the Patriots when it comes to sticking with even two RBs. It’s a committee of committees. Penny might get the shot. Ultimately, I say leave Clement alone. If you have to drop for Clement, then Michel, Penny, then Breida. Unfortunately, we just have to sit back and watch how this unfolds…

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