RB Championship Decisions - Yahoo (Mack, Lindsay, DJ, Samuels, Ertz, Coleman, J.Williams)

Options @ RB: Marlon Mack, Phillip Lindsay, David Johnson, Jaylen Samuels, Tevin Coleman, and Jamaal Williams.

Options @ TE: Zach Ertz, Jaylen Samuels

I think Marlon Mack is a must-start this week, and most places have Lindsay a bit above my other choices, but from there it gets murky. With Conner out the thought of putting Samuels over Ertz and starting 4 RBs crosses my mind. Any thoughts on the ideal combination of 3 backs and a TE? Thanks!

PS. Non-PPR league

I am constantly so sad that I play in ESPN just for the fact that J Samuels isn’t considered a TE. I have a similar issue except that samuels will be on my bench to Mack, Henry, and Gordon. The Houston D has allowed a TD to TE in 3 of the last 6 games and a handful of yards to the likes of Ebron, Jonnu Smith, Jordan Reed. Although with Foles as QB Ertz only had 3 receptions. Tevin is playing the jets who have been pretty good against RBs and Johnson is playing the rams who just allowed 3 TDs to RBs last week. With all these stats said, I think M mack and Lindsey are for sure starting, and if it were me I would probably roll with Williams as my flex/RB3 and Samuels as my TE. I hope the decision you make works out man, good luck.

Thanks @jakesinkhakis! Having those 3 backs is definitely a good problem to have, if you were in Yahoo I think you’d be as close as it gets to bulletproof with Samuels on your bench as well. Its always hard to bench Ertz, especially given how NO defense has looked of late but RB touches in Pittsburgh are hard to pass up at the TE spot. I think I’m going to go with Samuels at TE. That last flex spot is going to be the toughest part, although I think Williams is a solid choice given the coaching staff’s comments that he will be essential to the game plan.

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Awesome, I think thats a great choice. Good luck, go footclan!