RB Choices/Line up Help

First of all, congratulations if you’ve made it this far! One more game and we have some important decision making to do. Would love to pick your brain and get your opinions.

.5 PPR. 2 RB 1 Flex- Should I start:

Saquon vs. WAS
A. Jones vs. Min
Chubb vs. Balt
Cook/Mattison/Boone vs. GB

…or should I just not do a third RB and flex Perriman?

Thanks guys and good luck!

I think id go Jones and Saquon and its a tough call on a Vikinings rb or Perriman. Being that you cant decide until monday for the rbs and it very well could be rbbc if more than one is healthy enough to go id be leaning starting Perriman with the target share he should be getting

Right!? That sounds so crazy to just phase out Cook or his back ups for a Tampa WR…not named Godwin or Evans.

The new Evans or Godwin lol They throw the ball so much someone has to be getting those targets its him and OJ in my mind that get 10+ targets