RB decision or is it?

I currently have Taylor and Jacobs as my starting RBs, with Drake on the bench.

However, I cannot seem to quit Drake. The matchup against the laughable NYJ seems to good to not put Drake in. Yes, Drake has had bad play against defenses he should have feasted on, but everybody is beating up NYJ.

Taylor plays CLE who is surprisingly stout against the run. CLE defense is giving up just shy of 92 rush/yds to RBs this year. In addition, IND seems to be inconsistent with their backfield giving Hines and Wilkins more work despite being more ineffeicient with the ball than Taylor is.

Jacobs has immense talent but he is currently a match up based starter due to LV just being ‘meh’. However, while KC defense has been tough overall, they are allowing 5.3 yds/rush to opposing RBs. Just KC’s offense rains points on everyone the run game is an afterthought. I am afraid this will happen to Jacobs as well.

10-team Standard Redraft
QB: Murray
RB: Taylor
RB: Jacobs
WR: Lockett
WR: McLaurin
TE: Schultz
Flex: J. Jefferson (playing SEA D)

Golladay (on bye)
D.J. Moore

Any thoughts? Am I being crazy for still sort-of-ish trusting Drake?

Yes you are crazy and so am I. I would play Drake and Jacobs but not feel great about my decision

Taylor has plodded his way to 4 ypc and if he doesn’t score it’s hard to see him breaking 10 pts. His volume is incredible but he hasn’t wowed me yet. I like Jacobs a bit more with Ruggs coming back and spreading the field a bit more for Jacobs.

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Yeah, I know I shouldn’t trust Drake. While he has been inefficient rushing, I believe that ARI struggling the past 2 games at the start of the game has taken Drake out of game script early.

Early negative game scripts combined with suspect O line run blocking, I believe, has not helped Drake.

I will say though, if Drake drops a stinker against NYJ, he will be a permanent bench player.

Instead of benching one of your excellent starting RB’s, why not just flex Drake over Jefferson? That’s what i’m doing with my Drake, putting him in the flex over Deebo, Gage, and Gaskin.

Same comment as you though, if he stinks this week too he’s going to ride my pine for the forseeable future, fill-in for bye weeks and that’s it

The issue with benching Jefferson is MIN plays SEA this week. I cant put Jefferson on the bench for that juicy matchup.

Any other thoughts from the Footclan?

Im trusting drake one more week but Im also stuck with him. the him or jefferson thing i think id go drake just because its gotta be the blow up game in my mind otherwise hes riding pine or hitting the block. The seattle matchup should show if hes really an every week WR2

To me i might bench Taylor hasnt had a super break out and that offense hasnt looked very productive or consistent

Tough call and Im stuck giving drake one more chance

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I would swap taylor for drake. I agree with keeping Jefferson in the flex.

I also have Jacobs and Drake as my starters so I know your pain.
I also have Antonio gibson who killed it on my bench last week and would have won me the week. He is currently in my flex as I don’t have jefferson.

Also, there is the possibility the decision is made for you by Covid… but I would go jacobs and drake.

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Yeah, I am leaning towards Drake as well.

CLE defense has been great against the run. They held Zeke in check before the 41-14 score.

Taylor has only had 1 real truly good game against MIN (26 rush 101 yds 1 TD). The other 3 games he totaled 39 rush 149 yds 1 TD and 10 rec 90 yds 0 TDs passing work through all 4 games.

This is Drake’s last week to show me something. I saw your tweets Mr. Drake, time to show me the money.

The question is: how much do you need upside? Because I totally get it. I have Drake too and I’m seriously considering flexing him over Woods, especially because I’m currently starting Kupp and Woods. I just don’t know if I can risk it though…

In your situation, I don’t think starting Drake over Taylor is TOO crazy. I mean the logic is sound. His upside IS better and part of the issue is that Kingsbury is infatuated with throwing the ball to an inferior RB. I think once he realizes that Drake is an every down back (it’s astounding to me that they don’t think he’s already proven that), I still think we will eventually be happy with our second round fantasy pick.

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