RB depth help

I’ve got Bell, Elliott and Coehn in a std scoring 2 RB and 2 Flex league (have D Murray but may trade him for Green). Beckham and Jeffery are my 1-2 WRs. 4 slot bench with Luck and Beckham currently taking up 2 of those positions.
I’ve got D Parker, Watkins and Thielen fr WR 3-5 and want to drop one for RB depth.
Looking at Kamara, Henry and Rawls.
Which WR to drop for which RB?

I personally don’t think you should trade Murray for Green. The Bengals o-line looks horrible and Dalton can’t seem to even get the ball to anyone. Granted both games so far have been against good defenses.

You have 3 incredible RBs already. And Cohen has huge upside.

I don’t understand. You want help with RB depth but are going to trade away Murray and hurt your depth. You have 3 top 12 RBs and you’re WRs are good too. If I were you, I wouldn’t be doing anything right now.

Thanks, that was what I was waffling on, trading Murray only if I could pick up decent depth to “replace” him. RBs are just too hard to come by, I guess I’m holding onto Murray even though I really would love Green on my team.