RB depth ideas

Half point for dynasty league. My trio of backs is best in league with bell, gurley, and Howard but I’m extremely thin after that. My WR depth is strong and would like to add a 4th RB who maybe is under the radar now but could boom a bit…I’m not talking RB1 boom but maybe provide some Theo Riddick sort of fill in value. Any names I should be targeting in trades?

Don’t go for guys like Riddick. That is not value. YOu want guys who have the potential to lead a backfield. Or at the minimum, leave a committee. Making start/sit decisions with guys like Riddick is a nightmare. strategy for depth is usually to find guys in committes on high powered offenses who have a shot to lead, or find handcuffs with 3 down capabilitis who become instant RB1/2s when starter goes down;

Category one: Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams, Lynch, Burkhead.
Category two: Chase Edmonds, John Kelly (although wudn take him cause you have gurley already), Jordin Wilkins

Depending on what you have to trade, you could take a stab at Kenyan Drake. Never know how his owner feels and I think he’s going to be a star.

If you can get Drake, definitely go for him. I was naming late round guys who would be very cheap. Didn’t think you had capital to go after Drake.