RB depth needed

Full PPR need some RB depth

Would you try and spend some FAAB on ty’son or latavius or go with a 0$bid on someone like tony Jones jr, coleman or gallman to see how the look or are used Sunday

If you think you can get TJJ or Gallman with $0 I would go with that. Ty’Son won’t be catching many passes and being the “starter” now could cost a good chunk of FAAB. Latavius is just another veteran body imo. Since Coleman is available I’m assuming Ty Johnson might be available so if he is that would be my top choice as he was talented on the Lions, Coleman has never stayed healthy, and Michael Carter is buried on the depth chart and didn’t play with starters in preseason.

I honestly think 100% I can get tjj, ty or Galla man for 0$. What order would you go with?

I wouldn’t even think about Gallman; he’s at least the third option on his own team–and on his third team in a year.

Coleman would be my first choice, as he is currently a starting RB in the NFL.

Jones would be the second choice, as he should take over that RB40 role that was reserved for Murray.

But I’ll be surprised if you get either Coleman or Jones for 0$. Good luck.