RB Desperate. Offer trade for Kerryon?

Desperate for an RB right now (see roster below), and at 3-4 think I might need to do something.

Would offering Doug Baldwin and Sony Michel for Kerryon be giving up too much?

I also offered Doug Baldwin and Sony for James Conner yesterday, which I honestly feel like should’ve been enough – should I increase anything to this offer? I think I might add OJ Howard to it (his TE is Olsen), but not sure it would pay to go any further.

Full PPR, 10 team, redraft. Roster below:

QB: Patrick Mahomes
RB: Nick Chubb
RB: Kenjon Barner
WR: Davante Adams
WR: Juju Smith-Schuster
TE: Zach Ertz
W/R/T: Josh Gordon
DEF: Arizona Defense
K: Justin Tucker
BN: Doug Baldwin
BN: Geronimo Allison
BN: Ito Smith
BN: OJ Howard
BN: Sony Michel
BN: Leonard Fournette

You do need to make a move for a running back. You would be buying high on Kerryon which isn’t ideal but worth a shot. You have plenty of wr depth. I would try to acquire a rb without using Michel, because you will still need michel later in the year.

Unless your record is really bad, you dont need to make the move. Baldwin could have a great end of season and you are probably selling low on him. Sony should be coming back to a good team. Chubb should be good to have ROS, and Ito smith should be an ok plug in when needed as Freeman is expected to be out until the very end of season. Considering you WR I would rather keep baldwin for the flex

I’m 3-4, but my opponent this week (actually the aforementioned Kerryon owner) is also the Gurley owner, so I’m quite a bit concerned. The following week I play the 7-0 best team in the league (he has Kamara, Thielen, Odell, and Julio…). I’m a game out of the playoffs right now, but there are five teams clumped in the middle at 3-4, 4-3, or 5-2. The second place team (after that 7-0 guy) is 6-1, but has the fourth fewest points. I’ve tried sending OJ and Baldwin or OJ and Allison or any combination of these guys around, and it should be able to net me an RB, but no one’s really bitten. Maybe I could send Geronimo and Ito for Alex Collins or something? Is that even worth it?

That last one would be a pretty solid move. I know Geronimo is a good stash and all but you have solid WRs so who knows how often you will even use him. Ito is kind of the same way. Where as Collins could be started over either of those. Not because he actually performs well (I had him as an rb1 dont even ask) but you feel a little more confident starting collins compared to Ito and Geronimo who need a TD. Use that extra bench spot to pick up a RB

If I can even get it. He’ll probably decline and I’ll be stuck with Barner again. I’ve been offering these guys around and they SHOULD warrant a decent piece, but no one will bite.

i have a league like that, its not any fun. everyone always thinks you’re trying to fool them or something and its just an equal move