RB Dilemma Please Help

Hey all, im in a PPR league and dont know who to start this week

I have David Johnson Nick Chubb and Justin Jackson.
Can only start 1.
Which do you suggest?

Chubb is the most consistent. Go with him. DJ is too inconsistent with that horrible team.

Definitely Chubb. I have zero trust in DJ. and justin jackson we have a small sample size. Nick chubb is a beast of a runner.

Have to agree with @Pmanningthegoat and @Rbins40 . Definitely Chubb. Here’s what ESPN posted this week:

Quietly becoming a full-fledged feature back the past few weeks, Chubb just earned career-best receiving usage, leading the backfield in routes, targets and yardage in the passing phase this past Sunday. With three-down utility and Denver allowing the ninth-most yards before contact per rush to tailbacks and the seventh-most rushing yards per game to backfields, Chubb is poised to put his stamp on the fantasy playoffs.

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Thank you for your responses everyone.

So you all really think chubb even though DJ and jackson have better matchups?

I would go Chubb for about 15 points in 1/2 ppr
and if you had to have that gamble of 5 to 7 more than Jackson

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