RB Dynasty Trade

.5ppr dynasty—which side?

Team 1: Josh Jacobos, Tarik Cohen, Vance McDonald
Team 2: Lev Bell, TJ Hockenson

Team 1. Bell and Jacobs are in similar situations: middle level offense and poor OL but they are the bell-cows (pun intended) and both can catch. Obviously Bell is the safer option and may be better this year; however, I think both Bell and Jacobs are low-end RB1s this year and over the next few years Jacobs will go up as Bell stays the same our goes down; so, Bell = Jacobs.
McDonald and Hockenson are both a part of the TE landscape where any guy can perform any week; both are dart throws. Soooo, McDonald = Hockenson.
Cohen is better than no one lol so Cohen > no one.
Team 1 definitely.

Team 1. Bell is in some issues already in NY and Jacobs is a rookie RB1. For dynasty purposes you would be a lot younger and still keep an RB1 on your roster. You also land Cohen who in halfPPR is a stud and McDonald should eat up a good amount of the targets left by AB. Stafford has never utilized his TEs but never really had a talented one either. So with that uncertainty, I’d pass on TJ.

I generally agree with all of @michael_pounders response.

Another way to look at it is whether you’re in win now mode or “rebuilding” and what your TE situation will be. I assume there’s no TE premium. Cohen and conceivably McDonald could have minimal to no value next season depending on how other people around them perform. Hockenson isn’t likely to contribute much this season but could blow up over the next 2-3 years. Admittedly, both sides have young, upside players paired with veterans. I’d take Team 1.

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