RB/Flex a mess... opinions please

16 team full PPR

2 RB and 1 Flex

the amazing choices:

A Collins, R Freeman, K Johnson, J Williams, S Michel, M Goodwin, A Callaway, C Godwin

What 3 would you choose from this?

The options are so bad no one wants to chime in?? :wink:

yeah. pretty much…

JK… I would go with collins, godwin and j williams.

Yeah gambled on Freeman and Collins and felt good surrounding them with QB Cam, WR Hopkins, K Allen, TE Burton… so far those 2 have killed me and Burton’s QB looks afraid to throw over the middle

burton and freeman will bounce back its still early…

at least thats what i keep telling myself…

alvin kamara wasnt a waiver wire star until week for or 5.

For upside I would go with Sony Michel as both Brieda and the Jets rbs balled out against Detroit. Could be sneaky. then Collins for a floor and Goodwin if he plays and Godwin if not. Both high scoring games.

Anyone think in a NE blowout, Kerryon gets some more touches to see what he has in this game?

I don’t know. I would worry it would be more Riddick.