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RB for Kicker?


I’m terribly short at RB, thanks in part to bad luck (McKinnon) but also some bad decisions that haven’t worked out. In an 8 team 0.5 PPR i’m left with McCaffrey, Mack, Kerryon Johnson, Booker and Aaron Jones (suspended for 2 games).

I’ve been offered two trades for my Kicker Gostkowski, both from the same GM. One for Alfred Morris, one for Jordan Wilkins. If I didn’t already have Mack i’d probably lean Wilkins. But I don’t want to end up with 2 Indy runners whenever Mack gets healthy again, and Morris will be in a committee with Brieda for sure.

I’m clearly not worried at losing Gostkowski, because in an 8 team league getting another viable kicker should be fine.



I would trade for Wilkins since you already have Mack. Wilkins is getting the start week one, and if he plays well and Mack’s injury lingers he has a chance of earning the starting job the rest of the season. And even if you only get one start out of him and Mack comes back week 2 and plays well, you can always drop him for a RB or WR that breaks out. Being an 8 team league there should be plenty of talent worth picking up at some point. Plus, I don’t like any of those other RBs besides CMC week one, so if you start 2 RBs you will want Wilkins with Mack not playing.