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Rb for rb trade


Would u guys trade CMC for Lamar Miller? This is a ppr league and since I lost Dalvin Cook :sob:my rbs are cmc Cohen and mixon


Who is CMC??? Can’t figure out them initials


Haha it took me a bit too…I think he means mccaffrey


That’s what I thought as well. If it’s him I would not trade him away. Lamar Miller is a hit or miss. Don’t join the hype train over one game when it comes to any player. You will survive with Mixon,Cohen and Mcafrey


Funny thing is I actually come down on the opposite side of this one…it really all boils down to who you believe the one week of in my mind, Cam or Watson. I think if Watson is actually legit and can make that offense move (and I do) I would do this deal…I still don’t trust Cam and that offense…but I could make an argument either way on this one…I personally would do it though…just my opinion


Plus with Mixon, cohen behind him that’s three somewhat risky RB’s and I like Miller’s floor more than McCaffrey’s…


Cohen has Trubisky now. Cohen is a beast and will help in the receiving end.


Oh I definitely like him…I just don’t think you can count on a floor of points each week


Ya I kinda think the same with Watson being legit. To me once Olsen returns I think cmc will regress a bit and he’s not getting the touches I thought he would. All though I think at some point J stew might go down and then that opens up a ton for him but that’s a hard way to play it. I don’t trust cam either. If I were to pick a team I like more I would say Houston. Call me crazy


Chicago was dumb to eliminate him from their game plan so much last week all though maybe the qb had more to do with it


QB had to do with it. This is my garbage can from work that sits under my desk.


:joy::joy::joy: omg that’s hilarious


So this sounds like kind of a toss up trade. I think I might do it based on volume. Maybe miller got a confidence boost and rumbles again!