RB for WR deal

Not sure how to value D. Henry or how to value Courtland Sutton. One for one trade
One team needs wr help and one needs rb help.
This a relatively fair offer?

Fair Trade.
Henry is the 15th PPR RB, and Sutton is the 12th PPR WR.
I think it would only be unfair if there was a 7-10 (ish) rank difference, with no upside (like if it was projected to change due to injury, upcoming schedule, etc.).
Essentially it has to be an OBVIOUS unfair trade (ex: Kamara for Robby Anderson) for me to veto or put it to vote as commissioner.

Thanks I appreciate it!

Iā€™d rather have Henry for sure but if you need a WR and have RB depth its totally fair.

on the side getting henry with no rb depth but plenty wr depth

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