RB for WR? Trade Advice

Looking to add some depth at WR in my 12 team 0.5ppr league. Feel great about my RBs. Have Gurley, R Freeman, AP, Carson, Michel, and Ingram. My WRs have me nervous though after week 1. Thielen, Cooper, Watkins, Goodwin, and Williams.

Someone else in my league is WR heavy, so we are talking trade. He offered Randall Cobb or JuJu for AP. Do I sell high on AP, try to offer Carson or Michel instead, or hold out and hope my other receivers pick it up?


I’d take JuJu for AP for sure!

Should I wait until closer to Ingram’s return? I still like Goodwin, Cooper, and Watkins. Plus AP plays Indy this week…

I feel like you should take advantage now. AP does have a good matchup, but long-term I think JuJu is the right play. Then you’ve got Gurley, Freeman with Thielen and JuJu which is a nice core. Cooper or Goodwin can cover until Ingram is back. Just my two cents. If the JuJu owner is fine waiting a week then go for it.