RB Handcuff Lottery Ticket - Mattison or Malcom Brown?

Full PPR. I have Brown at the moment but is Mattison the better handcuff to hold here? If I could I’d hold both but I can only stash one away.

I don’t think Brown will be a league winning asset but Mattison might be if the door opens for him. What do people think?

Who is brown?

Malcom Brown

I’d go with Mattison personally but both are about the same. The Vikings are the primary run first team. With how he’s been running in limited fashion shows that they would more than likely still lean on the run if cook was to go down

Id say Malcom brown. They play against the Buccs. RBs are having badluck against them :frowning: ask my barkley and coleman

Mattison pretty clearly has more upside if the incumbent goes down… he’d be a 3-down certified RB1 without a big dropoff from Cook… Brown doesn’t get many reception looks and I’d imagine Henderson steps in on passing downs if something happened to Gurley

But they’re both handcuffs and not startable as is… so neither is a mandatory hold

I’m inclined to agree, had Brown week 1 onwards just to see but it’s been average to say the least.

Another end of bench pick up for this week, what would you think of TJ Hock vs KC? Given how many teams are TE needy, hold him on the chance he has a big game then package him for an RB or WR? I have Engram as my TE so I’m set.