RB Handcuffs for postseason

So I currently have Hunt, Barkley and Fournette. I have Ware and Yeldon as well. Only have 1 more bench spot and I’m trying to figure out who’s more useful between Rod Smith and Wayne Gallman. The Zeke owner is currently in 1st and I’m considering Smith to block him and Zeke was on the injury report a few times already this year.

Which one should I grab?

Shameless bump, anyone?

Do you see the Zeke owner playing Smith over his other RBs if Zeke goes down? If so, then I’d go with Smith, but if not it’d be pointless. Idk the rest of your roster, but I imagine Gallman would be very difficult to start even if Barkley goes down. He’s not half the athlete Barkley is, and will just be a very average RB on a pretty terrible offense tbh.

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Handcuffs are fine but not to the detriment of your team. It may be wiser to have a second Def or QB. Smith and Gallman are not handcuffs in the sense that they can be just as successful as their predecessor.

Already have Watson and Ryan along with KC and Saints D. Not thrilled about Gallman either but Smith could be viable if Zeke missed time

I wouldn’t care for Gallman. @MadJesse is right given neither handcuffs will be able to produce nearly as much as the current starters, but I would prioritize Smith > Gallman based solely on the teams they’re on.

If Zeke went down their owner 100% would play him, he’s currently riding with Howard and Zeke he’d be desperate

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Go for him then. And if you haven’t past the trade deadline, maybe you can strong arm him lol

Lol past last week or I would

@ben_jamin627 @MadJesse Royce Freeman is also available. Prefer him to Smith?


Last Question or Curtis Samuel with the favorable schedule

Royce with Funchess to return for Carolina

agreed, Royce is a great handcuff. If Funchess is back fade on Samuel.