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RB Handcuffs


Should I pick up any of these handcuffs and drop W. Smallword? I’m in a standard league

M. Bredia
C. West
J. Stewart
D. Foreman

These are my starters and keepers.
K. Hunt
D. Freeman
L. Miller
L. Blount


I know alot of people are against handcuffing. Im not. I have Hunt and West, Kelley and Perine. The RB position is just too valuable. Even if you don’t use them and the main back goes down, it atleast means someone else won’t be getting that production. As a Hunt rosterer, I was both encouraged and disappointed that West caught 2 td’s against Houston, lol.

It’s worth handcuffing Hunt. West has shown he can produce as a starter and a backup in recent years.


I would get Breida. He may even be more than a handcuff. We shall see in the next week or two.