RB Heavy Draft! What do you think?

Third pick in a 12 team PPR redraft.

I went into my draft thinking I’d draft one of the big three RB then target heavy WR. Instead every WR in my queue was grabbed in the second and third round. I had had no choice but go RB RB RB. Plz let me know your thoughts on my draft! And if the RB he ay theory worked!

Had the third pick.

QB: Watson (7)
RB: Leveon (1), Howard (2), Mixon (3), Duke (8), CJA (14), Wilkins (15)
WR: Hogan (4), Gordon (5), Cole (9), Moore (10), Godwin (11), Sutton (12), Gallup (13)
TE: Burton (6)
Def: Seahawks (16)