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RB heavy Draft


Am I going to put myself in a hole if I go RB, Gronk, RB, RB and then look for a WR??? I want to be heavy RB but is that too heavy??


I think you’re able to do it this year with some quality WRs going late. But I would be flexible and willing to go a different direction if a better player is available


How many people in the league and what number do you draft?

I am drafting 2 in a 12 team. I have consistently mocked getting Bell - Gronk - (Crowell/Hunt) - then at the next turn get someone like Crabtree, Tate, Tyreek Hill, Watkins, Diggs.

I think you can definitely make up WR weakness in the middle of the draft more so than RB. The only downside is that every year there is one or 2 RBs that pop up that steal the show. With that opportunity, going 3 of 4 first picks may be coming on too strong. That’s just my opinion. If I go RB-Gronk-RB I find it tough to hold out on a WR for the next pick.


I think you could do it, but I wouldn’t lock into the strategy. Sometimes things unfold differently and require you to adapt.