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RB Help 8 Decent options


Been stashing RBs to stop others picking them up, now I have a choice to make in a must win game

3 from Gordon (vs WAS), Howard (at CIN), Alf Morris (at NYG), Collins (at PIT), Drake (vs NE), Barber (vs DET), Mike Davis (at JAX) or DeMarco Murray (at ARI)

Standard scoring


Best bet is Gordon Howard and Drake.


I’m liking Gordon, Morris, and Drake out of this group.

Gordon is Gordon. Morris has a good matchup, has been running well, and Dallas has shown they want to stay committed to the run even without Zeke. Drake should have a good floor thanks to the passing game and always has a chance to break off a big one.


Yah, I’d agree with @dsteele20 Tough to bench Howard but Cinci will most likely be up big against the Bears limiting his opportunity.