RB help...Drop/Add

Do I pick up Tevin Coleman and drop D Henry? I’m kinda in some trouble I think this week. I have Mixon as my RB2 so I would, as of now, sit him and play Coleman if I do that pick up. I dropped Buck Allen yesterday because I didn’t want to play him this week, then a bye, then Woodhead comes back on, who I also have. Looking back at it now I should have just stayed with Buck for this last week. My RB1, Bell, is on bye this week so I have A Jones taking that role. Should I drop my handcuff or drop the likes of ASJ, D Adams, or Garcon to pick up where I made a mistake?

I’m against just dropping players that’s always my last resort I try trading them first and package them with someone

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Drop garcon… He is out for the year… Pick up tevin coleman


I ended up dropping Henry for Coleman before Garcon was out. I did drop him and picked up Corey Davis though. I’m flexing Ginn with Mixon, D Adams, and Davis on the bench. I think that looks like the right move. I was about to pull the trigger on Forte and start him but drew back last minute…wish I just went with my gut!

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Not going with my gut has cost me a few times this season. This is the only week where I don’t know who to start apart from Kareem Hunt

@jagermoot who else do you got

Well Garcon made it easy for you… hes now on the IR

My team looks like this
QB: Dak, Brady (on bye)
WR: Evans, Dez, Ginn filling in flex / D Adams, C Davis on bench
RB: A Jones, T Coleman / Mixon, Bell (on bye), R Smith, Woodhead on bench
TE: Graham / ASJ on bench
K : Brayant
DEF: New Orleans

@tonavelli I have QB Prescott and Wentz
RB Hunt, Martin, David Johnson, Morris and Tevin Coleman.
WR are Julio Jones, Marvin Jones, Baldwin and Hopkins.
TE is Ertz, defense is Seattle