RB help for playoff matchup

So after a crazy year of all of my RBs getting hurt or having their QB get hurt, I made it into the playoffs. My playoff opponent has CJ Anderson on their team and I already feel significantly behind. My choices for my 2 RBs are:

  • Lamar Miller
  • Dion Lewis
  • Mike Davis
  • Theo Riddick

I’ve been leaning to start Lewis and Davis but I’m still not 100% sure about it. If it helps the rest of my lineup is.

QB: Breese
WR1: Brown
WR2: Michael Thomas
TE: Engram or Ertz (Ertz actually showed up on the waiver wire as I’m typing this so hopefully, I grab him)
Flex: Crabtree or Diggs (It’ll probably be Crabtree but Diggs seems to be getting a lot of noise recently).