RB Help. I'm 3-2 going against 5-0

Standard league – Phillip Lindsay or Matt Breida.

I’m playing Kamara and A Jones with Conner and Freeman on my bench.

Y’all I won!! Thank you so much for all the help!

thats close but I’d go lindsay

Even though I believe Lindsay and Breida have a greater chance for chunk plays than Conner, it will be Conner who will have a high floor - his upside is dependent on breaking the plane. The Steelers have one of the lowest implied point totals of the week, but Conner is a good bet to score between him and JuJu.

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Jaylen Samuels is out. Develin Hodges is QB. Go with Connor

I’m really think Conner. If you’re against him 100%. I’d go Breida for the upside.