RB help - pick 3 from 5

Managed to get a really strong RB corp through a combination of good drafting and good waiver pick ups. Full PPR, I need 3 from the following 5:

Aaron Jones

Barkley is an autostart, and I’m leaning Chubb and Lindsay as the other two due to match ups. I have a sneaky feeling Cook may have a great game but don’t want to risk starting him in the playoffs.

Any strong opinions on this? Much appreciated.

Barkley, Cook, Lindsay

If I am going straight off my rankings I would go Barkley, Lindsay, Cook. But I agree that it would be hard to lose with Chubb on my bench, and Cook carries some risk. Chubb over Cook to play it safe. Cook over Chubb for the upside.

Thanks man - still think Chubb is way safer than Cook.

Any more suggestions from anyone?

Barkley, chubb Lindsay

Actually I’m pretty even split between Chubb and cook this week

Tough one isn’t it. Worried about leaving Chubb on the bench especially on a Saturday match.

Going to roll with Chubb, Lindsay and Barkley. Wish me luck!

I think cook a better option this week over Chubb especially because it’s ppr. The oc in Minnesota called a lot of dump off plays to him that went for a ton of yards last week.

He got fired.

RIP me. What a disaster.

Saquon completes the tragic triumvirate, with Cook lighting it up on my bench. I suppose there’s always next year!