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RB help week 1


Fournette or Gillislee?


Fornette, but I don’t love it. At least we know what his role is.


Agree 100%. Also you get the goal line chance (if Bortles can get him down there) with Fournette.


Don’t get your hopes up on those :rofl:


I dont love it either. My league is a keeper league and my keepers were Odell and AJ Green so my first pick wasnt until the end of the 3rd round and Fournette was the best available. My RBs are Fournette, Ty Monty, CJ Anderson, Gillislee, Tevin Coleman, Jeremy hill, and Latavious Murray.


With those two at WR, you should be just fine.


I’m hoping so. I was able to snag Russel Wilson in the 9th round so pretty happy with that.


Anyway, I’ll roll with Fournette and hope to get lucky with some goal line opportunities. I’m gonna be sick though if Gillislee pops off 3 td’s tomorrow haha.