Rb help with fournette

If Fournette doesn’t play. should I play Perine or pick up TJ Yeldon or Chris Ivory both are FA

Perine is Td dependent. He hasn’t looked good. If Fournette doesn’t play Yeldon has been getting more work but they might keep him as 3rd down back. I still like him over Ivory. Browns are a good rush D. I’d stay away from Perine if possible. Last time this happened Thompson actually got the start and Perines only points came off a short rec Td.

In the last two games Fournette didn’t play, Ivory had 40 touches to Yeldon’s 24. It doesn’t seem like that because Yeldon had 122 rushing yards one game thanks to a couple long plays. But clearly they actually value Ivory more as a runner. He is the one I would go with if Fournette sits. Yes the Browns have a good run defense, but I think Perine and Yeldon would get a fraction of the touches that Ivory would. Follow the volume.

Alright thanks for the help

I have grabbed Yeldon in several of my leagues. Yeldon did a great job the last time he subbed for Fournette. Jags still will run because they do not want to rely on bortles to pass.

Hurns is out and yeldon catches the ball not ivory. Jags will have to pass to move the ball. Perine sucks. Go yeldon

I’ve seen that Yeldon is the #2 behind Fournette-I think its gonna be a run heavy game because of the weather