RB Keeper Decision

Full PPR Keeper League. Who I keep does not effect draft picks at all. I can keep 4 players between the following:

Hopkins, Davante Adams, Kittle, Fournette, Damien Williams, Aaron Jones.

Obviously Hopkins and Adams. Is Kittle an obvious pick here?

How would you rank Fournette, Williams, and Jones for keeping purposes?


I would eliminate Fournette first, he likely won’t play 16 games (or even 14, for that matter), unless you want to try and draft Armstead as a handcuff, but neither is likely to get a ton of receptions.

Williams is probably the best RB bet here, being the guy in an Andy Reid offence and it being one of footballs better O’s over all. Kittle and Jones is close. If you think it’s better to keep an RB1&2, you go Jones, but if you’d rather lock in at TE, keep Kittle. Wouldn’t fault you either way.

I think I agree. Was leaning Fournette for the longest times because of potential, but he’s lost my trust there. Appreciate the response!

Hopkins and Adams are no brainers. Then I’d say it’s kittle. And for RBs, I’d say it’s Jones > Williams > Fournette, given keeper. But given you also have adams, i typically don’t like stacking WR and RB. So wouldn’t mind if you took Williams tbh. Although obv more risk to him holding his job in te long term.

That’s a good point. To be honest I didn’t even think of the Jones-Adams team-share.

How far apart do you hold Jones and Kittle for keeper value? I ask because I am toying with the idea of using Kittle to trade for some draft picks and keeping Jones AND Williams then.

If I were you, I’d just keep Kittle assuming you have no time limit on keeper limitations. Hes young and the TE position is a landscape. In redraft formats, having a starting TE and not having to worry about streaming / wasting roster slots is a pretty big advantage. I’d rather have that than RBs who both have question marks.

Agreed. In another league I have Kelce and Kittle and it’s really nice never needing to worry about it. Appreciate the insight! Talk to ya down the road.

Davante Adams + DeAndre Hopkins + George Kittle + Damien Williams would be my picks. Fournette and Aaron Jones could be better than Damien this year but they’re not safe at all and Fournette has major injury issues his whole career.

Ya seems to be the way most are leaning. Thanks for the input Keith!

Not that you need more reassurance, but I’ll hop on the same train as the rest. Hopkins/Adams are proven, definitely a keep. TE is a huge question mark, I wouldn’t even hesitate to keep Kittle. And Williams as the 4th, he’s in line for a huge opportunity this year & I would rather gamble on that than Fournette’s potential.

I’m not in the same boat as everyone else… There’s no way in hell I’m taking Kittle with my 2nd round pick, but I’d be more than happy to for Williams/Fournette… and Jones would be much further down the list… like R4 at best

Clearly just me… but just as I wouldn’t reach for a TE in a draft, I’m definitely not going to with keepers… consider how many RBs are keepers and what you’ll be left with there… I wouldn’t sacrifice good RB play for a perceived positional advantage at TE that likely falls back to Earth with new QB and influx of offensive weapons

Uh it’s technically his 3rd… he’s keeping hop and adams as 1st and 2nd. That’s actually close to his ADP in a non-keeper draft.

I’d wonder what the likely hood is of getting any of the 3 back wold be. Do you know your draft position? I’d assume Kelce/Ertz are being kept which will mean Kittle would be the top TE left if you threw him back. It’s like starting from the 5th round and most of, if not all of them, will have a higher ADP. If I had to pick today I’d probably keep AJ and Williams and then figure out TE.

Hey when competing against friends you see weekly…you can never get enough reassurance from strangers on the internet haha. Tending to adopt this thinking as well. Started out thinking Fournette is a no brainer.

Ya. This. Plus I am not losing any draft picks for keeping these guys. In this league the players are not tied to the picks you got them at. So for all purposes you could say Kittle would be my “4th”