RB Lineup Help: Ware in the Mix

So I’ve been steadily in 3rd place this season and that’s been pretty relient upon Kareem Hunt being my anchor. Now that he’s out I think I still have some good options, but it’s giving me some harder choices. I see this week as a big deal because I’d like to get into second with the bye week so that I can watch things shake out a little further with these guys before I have to make any must-win decisions for the playoffs. Second place will have to lost this week and I’ll need to outscore him by just 3 points to get that spot. The primary question is should I start Miller, Ware, or Breida in this mix? (Full PPR)

Current Starting Lineup:
Jameis Winston
Lamar Miller
Spencer Ware
Julio Touchdown Jones
Stefon Diggs (Q)
Travis Kelce
Kenny G
Vikings D
Stephen Gostkowski

Tom Brady
Tevin Coleman
Matt Breida
Gus Edwards
Josh Reynolds
Kareem Hunt