RB list.. Who you like? Help me out!

Hey foot clan. Could you take 5 min out of your day to help me out!! Id appreciate it

10 team 1/2 pt PPR league
Keeper league

Couple of questions

1.from each tier who is one guy you want. One guy you don’t want to touch and one guy you would be happy to settle on?

  1. If you could only have 2 of these guys from the list who would you take? (can’t be in the same tier)

  2. Outside of tier 2 who is your absolute favorite from all the guys listed

  3. Which RB do you think has safest most consistent floor

  4. Which RB do you this has the highest ceiling

I’m just having a hard time deciding between these players. I am in a auction league so all are available to me but I keep hearing conflicting arguments for and against on connor, Damien, Aaron Jones, Freeman and more and just thought this might help.

2 David Johnson ARI (12)
2 Todd Gurley LAR (9)
2 Le’Veon Bell NYJ (4)

3 Damien Williams KC (12)
3 Joe Mixon CIN (9)
3 James Conner PIT (7)
3 Devonta Freeman ATL (9)

4 Josh Jacobs OAK (6)
4 Aaron Jones GB (11)
4 Nick Chubb CLE (7)
4 Melvin Gordon LAC (12)
4 Leonard Fournette JAX (-)
4 Marlon Mack IND (6)

5 Chris Carson SEA (11)
5 Kenyan Drake MIA (5)
5 Phillip Lindsay DEN (10)

I personally like Todd Gurley but you can’t go wrong with DJ either. Conner at 3 is a definite. Then I would go Melvin Gordon or Chubb. Drake is last for me.

  1. Based on your criteria:

Happy with- David Johnson ARI (12)
Won’t touch - Todd Gurley LAR (9)
Want - Le’Veon Bell NYJ (4)

Won’t touch - Damien Williams KC (12)
3 Joe Mixon CIN (9)
Want - James Conner PIT (7)
Happy with - Devonta Freeman ATL (9)

4 Josh Jacobs OAK (6)
4 Aaron Jones GB (11)
Want - Nick Chubb CLE (7)
Won’t touch - Melvin Gordon LAC (12)
4 Leonard Fournette JAX (-)
Happy with - Marlon Mack IND (6)

Want - Chris Carson SEA (11)
Won’t touch - Kenyan Drake MIA (5)
Happy with - Phillip Lindsay DEN (10)

  1. Top 2, not from the same tier:
    James Conner and Nick Chubb

  2. Outside of tier 2, favorite listed is Chubb.

  3. Safest and most consistent floor is Conner.

  4. Heighest ceiling is Gurley.

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  1. Tier 2- DJ, 3- Mixon, 4- Chubb (I usually see him in tier 2 or 3) but i also like Jacobs in that tier, 5- Carson
  2. If you’re looking for the best RBs i would say DJ and Mixon but get values based on how the draft is going definitely Jacobs then maybe someone from the 1st or 2nd tier.
  3. Jacobs and A Jones
  4. Safest floor someone in the higher tiers then Jacobs, Jones, Chubb and probably Carson assuming he stays healthy
  5. Highest ceiling per tier- DJ, Williams, A Jones, Drake. (dual-threat and/or are on good teams)

Tip for auction drafts, you have to stay water even more so than snake drafts- It’s good to have targets per tier in mind but dont lock yourself in on someone and blow your whole budget. Know your draft platform and the average auction value for each play not just the ADP and do a ton of mocks that way you can get an idea of how to best build your roster. Auctions drafts are easily my favorite but they can be tricky but they will reward the well prepared drafter.

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i want DJ - i dont want Bell - happy to settle on gurley

happy to have connor - i dont want williams - happy to settle on freeman and mixon

happy to have jacobs, jones - i dont want mack - happy to settle for chubb, gordon, fournette.

im just ok to settle for all 3.

@fun4willis thanks for chiming in again.

What makes you WANT bell?? I’m very nervous about him in a ok offense like the jets

What is your love for chubb and conner?? Worried there are tons of mouths to feed in CLE and can Conner do it again with no AB to stretch the field?


Thanks for your advice

What do you like about Conner?

And you don’t want mack?? Why not?? He just seems kinda safe to me?

Bell is a great player with no known injuries right now. Those are important factors in my consideration. Even though Bell will not likely score as many fantasy points as with the Steelers I still expect him to have a successful season.

Feel like we are little spoiled with Barkley/Gurley the last couple years. There is not always going to be a back with 1800 + all purpose yard, 80+ targets and 20+ touchdowns. Those are elite numbers.

In my opinion overthinking Connor is a mistake. Eye test showed be he’s a good back. The WR core still has JuJu. We all think he’s great.

Chubb was excellent last year. The only reason he did not come out of the draft with more hype was a massive injury in college. Browns are gonna ball. Chubb will get his piece.

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conner is a mixed bag of opportunity, and skill set. plus i just like who he is as a person. i dont think i will ever have to worry about him getting in trouble. so i think he is just as safe as it comes, with the upside of being electric.

as for mack, its not him i dont want. its the system, opportunity, and who is around him in drafts. if you ask me would i rather have mack or any of these…

im taking pretty much everyone there. and as far as ADP goes, those are all people going AFTER mack. i would love to take mack in the middle of the 4th. since that will never happen, i just dont want him.

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