RB or WR? first round 10th pick 10 team league

I have the 10th pick, so its back to back picks. I’m thinking of going 2WRs and getting 2 of these guys… Julio Jones/Juju/Beckham/M.Thomas. Available RBs at that spot are Conner (sometimes), Gurley, Mixon, M.Mack, D.Cook, Freeman. Maybe I can go WR/RB? Anyone else have this dilemma?

It’s 10 team half ppr league, re draft, 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1FLEX.

I personal would go WR RB :grin:

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Yeah would be hard not to get a top RB since its a long way back for my next pick. Thanks.

Yea personally 2 elite RB is the best if you get the chance

I would go WR then RB or RB RB. For WR RB i would probably go Beckham or Thomas and Conner or Gurley. And for RB RB I would probably go Gurley Conner or Conner Mixon. Freeman Should drop as well into the lower 3 round so you might be able to pick him up their.


I’m in the same boat and have done several mock drafts. If I go 2WR I’m getting a combo of Jones Thomas odell. Then my starting rbs are kerryon Montgomery or Fournette.

If I go WR/RB First, I’m getting DJ or Conner then odell. Then in 3-4 turn getting Robert woods and Montgomery.

Personally I’m leaning towards the 2WR approach in PPR. You won’t have to take the gurley Gordon Zeke gamble as they won’t get back to you in rounds 3&4. Take the stud WRs and safe (though not elite) Rbs. Let other teams worry about the hold outs.