RB pickup for the future?

Between Gore, Freeman, Mostert, and Cohen. WHo should I pick up for future weeks.

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Freeman is probably the safest as he is the only consistent starter at the moment. Gore will go back to being a backup when Singletary returns. Mosterert has the greatest potential but will be in a RBBC as long as Coleman and Breida are still there. Same with Cohen. Montgomery is their future so he will be the primary back with Cohen used as change of pace back especially in the receiving game.

I second the Freeman pick as he can get back to normal and be your expected RB2 going forward. I would wait on Freeman over the others mentioned.

Coleman will return to the niners at some point, so Mostert isn’t a great long term option. Although Breida usually gets hurt, so maybe Coleman’s return won’t reduce Mostert’s role.

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