RB PPR Question

I’ve joined a .5 ppr league this year for work and I was looking over the scoring format and noticed that RBs do not get a 1/2 pt for a carry - only a reception. Every other PPR league I’ve played in also provides the 1/2 pt for a carry. I’m curious which is the exception? RBs only getting the 1/2 for a reception or for both.

The exception is to provide a 0.5 point for a carry. That’s high! Most I’ve see is 0.25 per carry.

In general, when a league is PPR or HPPR that point or half a point is applied to any pass catcher (RB/WR/TE/QB/ect.).

That said PPR/HPPR and PPC are completely different and one does not assume the other.

Good on you for checking the scoring settings first!

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Thank you. Yeah, all the PPR leagues I’ve been in have been basically the same group of ppl which slightly different roster positions, and now that you mention it RBs are very valuable in those leagues because of scoring format.