RB problem, if Carson is out today

Sooo, Carson is a game time decision and my gut says, he’s out. So, if so, I only have D. Cook left in my RB squad thanks to bye weeks. So, shall I play him or grab any of these players?


Hmm difficult…
I wouldnt roster Cook - he only will play 15-20 snaps (Vikings announced).
I would w8 until 5 mins before the Game starts and maybe pick up mike davis.
Or you go with Bibbs. With Chris Thompson out again he could see a lot of workload

Why would you not grab M Davis. You know where it’s going and he’s the highest rated. Don’t over think it.

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Yeah, Davis was my first thought as well. He will see all the workload from Carson…

Yea you have to go Davis. But you could take a chance and go duke. They will be playing from behind and he could see a lot of catches.

Safe but is Davis