RB/QB/FLEX help! 1/2 PPR! Win and in!

Points per 1st down, long play bonus, 10-team with 4 man bench…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Need RB/Flex and QB help!

Should I play:

Singletary today @ Dallas

Carson @ Minnesota (looks rough on paper)

Hyde hosting the Pats (who are vulnerable to the run)

Parker hosting the Eagles (whose DST has been playing better)

For QB, I have Murray over Watson, but should I think about Foles hosting pass funnel Tampa, or maybe Cousins hosting Seattle?

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Probably lean Singletary over Carson as it is close. Carson is either pissed about Penny or he fumbles and timeshare again.

QB I think I would go Kyler.

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Saw this well into the Bills/Dallas game, should have rolled with Singletary… But I have Kyler Murray for a QB option this week for sure!

Nice and good luck.

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I have both guys as well. Put Singletary in and Carson in my flex for now

Already down 69 -19 lol as he had Allen , Zeke and Beasley

Your team looks pretty good so good luck man.

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Looks like Kyler has a hammy issue and is a later addition to the injury report, pivot maybe to Tannahill or back to Watson?

JAX is supposed to have high wind and rain so not thrilled about Foles.

I would lean Tannehill.

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Thanks again and good luck