RB quandary in championship week

I have Kamara, Dalvin, Michel, D Williams (ware is out), Elijah Mcguire, and CJ anderson. I need to pick three in standard scoring. I am playing the guy who has Gurley so I basically have CJ just to minimize my opponents options on game day. I am currently starting Kamara, Cook, and Michel but I have no confidence in Michel and I have no idea if I should trust a jets RB or D williams. Please footclan I need some advice.

I think you have the right people in. I will say, I’m all in on McGuire this week and would only contemplate starting him over Michele. I think matchups, what they have to play for, and more are important to factor in. I am in a ten league standard in the championship myself and have a similar quandary. Good luck!!

I am starting D Williams but that’s because Spencer ware went down.

Thank you, I feel like Michele May have like 50 yards and a td best case scenario. McGuire on the other hand may do very little, or have a huge game. Good luck man.

I would play Damien williams over Michel. Just my two cents

Thanks, I’m so stuck on this decision. I have Connor, and had AJ green and Hunt so now my team is definitely not the same caliber. The guy I’m playing in the championship literally has everybody, Gurley, Lindsey, Henry, and for WR he has Edelman and D adams. I feel like I can’t make the mistake of choosing the guy who gives me a goose egg.

People keep asking about D William’s. Start him over all but RB1s. Hes RB1 upside with downside being RB2. Again I believe his floor is high end RB2. You cant say that about anyone else on that list not named Kamara and Dalvin


Thanks man, like I said I was definitely over thinking this. Due to the fact that my opponent has literally the best possible team I could imagine right now, I cant afford to drop the ball on my pick. I think you’re absolutely right about Damien Williams. I honestly think that Jason Moore got to me with his talk about how horrible of a player D Williams is and it got me questioning whether or not he would be the beneficiary without Ware this week. Good luck to everyone in the championship! Thanks for your help!

Hes a good football player and he should Krush

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I’m definitely starting him, especially with the game script that I expect to play out it should be a great day for him.