Rb Question

In a standard league, would you play Mckinnon, Gillislee or Kamara? My other Rb is Gordon.

WOW. Another close one. But…man…IDK…gonna take a shot here and say McK. Hope I don’t mess you up.

Yea, I’m in a tough spot. I can’t make a decision. I appreciate it.

McKinnon would be my choice.

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I’m going Gillislee this week since he’s coming off a few games without a TD or crazy numbers I think the pats get to the red zone and goal line enough against the jets that bully b let’s him lose. Predicting something like 60 yards and 1TD minimum with the potential of 2. If it’s ppr go Kamara since he has been getting so many receptions and opportunities. Real tough choice either way but I like the boom upside from Gilly this week. That’s just me though, my advice always is go with your gut. Also I have a question for you… standard scoring would you go mike Evans vs Arizona (Patrick Peterson :pensive:) or Davante Adams against Minnesota? I’m leaning Evans but that matchup is terrifying

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I like Kamara coming off his bye week. Brees will likely score big and he will target Kamara who I think has a better potential scoring and breakout run imo

The hot hand side f things scares me about McK. He could have a bad half and Murray comes in and that’s that. Plus if the fall behind they may not use him as much to chase the game.

Gillislee will be helped by game script but jets there always the risk that he won’t be used as ME have so many options.

I’m probably not the best at giving advice but Peterson has been pretty much shut down. I like Adams. Xavier Rhodes will probably be shadowing Jordy Nelson. Vikings have given up the 13th most points to WR so the ball has to go somewhere. I’m thinking Cobb or Adams.