RB Ranking Help

4 RBs on my roster. I can start 2 plus a Flex. Standard league. Playing my wife in round one of the playoffs. HELP! How would you rank the following RBs?

Spencer Ware vs Baltimore
Gus Edwards vs Kansas City
Jaylen Samuels vs Oakland
Mark Ingram vs Tampa Bay

I also have Tyler Boyd and DJ Moore as potential flex guys, but I figure a RB is better than those this week. Any feedback would be much appreciate. Thanks footclan!

This is tough but if you are in Yahoo Jaylen Samuels can be played as a tight end so I would do that if you can. If not and you have to pick 3 I would do Gus Edwards for sure if he is healthy. Kansas City is crappy defense and Gus Edwards has solidified himself. I would also start Mark Ingram due to the fact that the bucs defense is awful and if Saints pull away they will run the ball, I think is a bounce back game for him. Spencer ware scares me since baltimore is a tough d but could be good with getting a workload but I think you take a shot with Samuels. Tasty matchup against oakland and I think he gets most of the work. Unless you can play samuels in the TE spot then start all 4. I think all 4 will put up more points then the WR’s you have. Hope this helps.

Bumping this because of a change. Currently have Ingram, Edwards, and Samuels pegged to play.

HOWEVER… I just picked up Godwin off waivers. Is he a better option than one of those three guys?

With picking up Godwin, I think he should be your flex. I think you should start Gus because the Ravens are going to make it their mission to speed up the game and keep the chiefs off the field by running it.

For the last RB slot, its a matter of preference. Mark Ingram feels safer, Jaylen Samuels has that feeling like he could boom big time or be a severe bust.

I would not play Ware as he is not getting much opportunity in this game with how I feel the game is going to go.

Yeah Ware is on my bench. So it really comes down to which of the others I sit. Each has pros and cons, right? I think Edwards is in. Ingram or Samuels are the choice to potentially sit. Both have a chance at 15+ or 5 haha. Is Godwin’s floor better than Ingram or Samuels? That’s the question. Stressing because not only is this obviously week 1 of playoffs, but I have too play my WIFE who, historically, is really fricken good.

Well either way, either you win and feel great or your wife wins and a happy wife = happy life.

She already got our college football season. Michigan vs Ohio. This is mine hahaha.