RB ranking

Alright, so right now I’m in a place where I need to start 3 RB’s and I have 5 I consider startable. I rank them like this:
1.Lynch (vs LAC)
2. D. Murray (vs IND)
3. Perine (vs SF)
4.McGuire (vs NE)
5. T. Coleman (vs MIA)

Do y’all agree or would you switch any of these?
Standard league

scoring format?

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Standard league

I think the top two could go either way but those are def 1-2. Perine ONLY at 3 if fat Robb is definitely out. Even then it gets dicier…If Powell is out I would move McGuire up to 3. I don’t like the game script for Coleman this week in standard leagues.

Say both Kelly and Powell sit. It’s looking like that’s the case.

Actually, cancel all of this. Forte looks like he’s going to play after practicing in full. Powell is game time. Perine it is.

I would personally move McGuire up to 3. I just don’t trust Perine to hold onto the ball and they bench fumblers in a heartbeat there…

lynch murray coleman i love colemans matchup remember what kamara did to miami

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yeah with Powell game time that is rough…I don’t think Forte is as much a concern for McGuire…

Yeah but Atlanta should get up big in that game and ground and pound the clock out…that’s Freeman’s role…So unless coleman gets his early I don’t see the script going his way…

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Well now I need more opinions. This is hard :roll_eyes: